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1. What is a TXP?

By now you must have heard the trendy phrase – LXP or Learning Experience Platform. Totara have taken the concept behind employee-driven learning platforms and have made it their own, creating the Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP).


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Totara TXP allows your organisation to be in control, monitor and report on what learning your employees consume, whilst giving them the freedom to discover, share and engage with the content that is most relevant to them, as well as record their progress throughout the year.

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2. New Totara offering

Going forward, Totara will be offering three components that will make up the Totara Experience Platform’s ecosystem:

  • Totara Learn
  • Totara Engage
  • Totara Perform



Totara Learn is the platform that you will be most familiar with. It is all about flexible learning, upskilling and being able to personalise each user’s experience with their Learning platform. Totara Learn is backed up with strong custom reporting abilities, compliance management tools as well as both – online and classroom event/seminar facilities.



Totara Engage explores the social side of learning, bringing in the ability for users to Like, Comment on and Share resources, create playlists and audience-specific workspaces. It is an interactive, user-driven curation tool, allowing your employees to learn in the flow of work.



Totara Perform is a forward-thinking, continuous performance tracking and management system, allowing your users to be in the driving seat of their own learning and development. You can set up regular check-ins with your team members, request peer feedback and store evidence of your learning within your user profile.


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3. What is new and what is changing?

An important question that you probably want to ask is – what are the benefits of having Totara TXP? Here are a few key improvements that are being made to existing functionality in the core Totara product:

  • Improved Seminar management
  • More Theming options
  • Enhanced Reporting tools and visuals
  • Customisable Notifications (in Certifications initially)
  • Regular version updates/upgrades (v13 and above)
  • Regular security patches.


And in addition to that – what’s new?

  • Pick one or many. You now can ‘mix and match’ Totara flavours – have all three (Learn, Engage and Perform), two or maybe just one standalone product of your choosing
  • Site Multitenancy
  • Virtual room plugins (MS Teams and Zoom available, others TBA)
  • Mobile App
  • Powerful MS Teams integration (where companies have their own O365 licence)
  • Playlists, resources and team workspaces
  • Recommendation engine.


4. Totara enhanced by Think Learning

Think Learning specialise in building modern and secure learning management platforms to support your training needs. We continue complementing Totara’s code with our own developments and ensure that your site suits your exact needs.

As always, we are looking to offer you reusable plugins, bolt-ons and tailored customisations to enhance your site and your users’ learning experience. Your ideas and input are what continues to drive our roadmap and inspire us to come up with new features that benefit the wider network of our client base of 50+ clients and more. For example, we recently implemented a development to merge user accounts and built in a simple QR code against the course to improve course attendance monitoring. We also designed a new 360 feedback tool to strengthen leadership and talent functionality.

We have established a dedicated Development Services team who will be the visionaries behind what we create and are beyond excited to enhance our learning platform offering.

In a world with social media elements being a key part of people’s lives, at Think Learning we recognise that it is important to allow users to manage their own learning and career path by enabling the social part of one’s professional journey, which is why Totara TXP is the way to go.

Online learning will continue to dominate the agenda going forward, whether the majority of the workforce return to offices or not – let us help you lead the way.

Contact our friendly commercial team for further information: Contact Us.