6 questions you should ask yourself before launching your learning platform.


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Launching a new learning platform is an incredibly exciting time for any organisation. Often, it marks a new beginning for L&D, and brings with it new opportunities and challenges. But this excited anticipation can often lead to pressing the ‘go’ button too quickly, without truly considering whether the platform is ready to launch. So before you click the launch button, answer the following questions to make sure you’re starting on the right foot:


1. Does your platform reflect your brand?

Branding creates a sense of familiarity for your people. So when they’re logging into a new platform for the first time, a consistent, familiar brand gives your people a visual cue that they’re in the right place. This may mean echoing your organisation’s brand colours within your platform, utilising your internal brand identity, or creating a learning brand for yourself. Whichever you use, you must make sure that it is represented on your platform.


2. Is your platform integrated with the rest of your tech ecosystem?

Integration between your learning platform and the rest of your tech is hugely important for two key reasons. First, your learners expect interoperability between organisational tech nowadays. They’ll expect to be able to use single-sign-on (SSO) to access your platform, and not providing this will be a barrier to learning. Second, integrating your learning platform with other tech in your organisation overcomes data silos and eases reporting. So, make sure all integrations are in hand before launch!


3. Do you know how to use the platform?

It might seem like a silly question to ask yourself. But take a moment to really consider if you know how to use your platform. If there are any niggling questions about specific functionalities, now is the time to ask them. On launch day, you will probably get quite a few questions from your colleagues about how to use the platform, so you want to be armed with the right answers. If you don’t know how to use your LMS – now is the time to ask for extra training or support, before launching your learning platform.


4. Have you considered the entire learning experience?

Today’s employees expect an end-to-end learning experience. From the very moment they become aware of your platform, they want every step to be carefully thought through and intuitive. This means that before you launch your platform, you need to make sure there are clear signposts for your learners about how they can progress through the platform, and how each step will help them achieve their goals.


5. How will the learning be transferred back to the workplace?

Learning transfer is the art of taking the knowledge acquired within a learning intervention and applying it to the workplace. Without learning transfer, your hard work will be rendered pointless. So, consider how you will enable and encourage your people to apply their learning in the workplace. This could be by providing opportunities to practise within a safe environment (e.g., through simulations in an eLearning course) or by encouraging social learning and collaboration amongst your people.


6. Have you considered your launch campaign?

All too often, L&D launch their platforms and expect employees to find it and love it instantly. But this isn’t reality. Before you launch your platform, consider how you’re going to publicise it to your people. How are you going to make them aware that it exists? How are you going to communicate to them the changes they might see? How can you set their expectations? Consider all of this before launching your learning platform to make sure it is a success.



If you can answer all these questions confidently, you’re probably ready for the big learning platform reveal. But this doesn’t mean you can forget about your learning platform. You must continually update your platform to ensure your content is fresh and relevant, and make sure that you keep in touch with your platform provider to ensure you’re on top of all relevant updates. If you’re looking for a learning partner you can trust, get in touch, we’d love to help you with your learning needs.