Newsletter July 2021.


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Thank You!.

Message from Think Learning's Chairman Tim Newham:

Welcome to our first client newsletter in - far too long. It's been quite an 18 months, hasn't it? We know it's been tough - incredibly, painfully so for some people - and we know that many are still struggling. But I hope that for most at least, things are now looking more positive. It's felt very strange here to have been part of a team that's grown fast (we're more than twice the size, with more than twice the clients, than we had in early 2020), partly for those same difficult reasons but partly too, because we've been lucky to work with some great, innovative clients who have also been pushed to deliver more, faster, better with learning technology. Thank you for trusting us with your learning platform. As we recover, reflect and reconnect, we want to do more to keep in touch. We also want to do more to connect our clients and help people to share ideas, knowledge and plans.

Company Update.

Last year Think Learning were proud (and a bit surprised!) to win the Totara EMEA Top Seller Award. What does that actually mean for Think and our clients? Well, over the past 6 to 8 months, we have been especially busy as we implemented projects delayed for months due to COVID. We responded quickly to new requests for developments often to support COVID strategies.

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The big benefit for customers is our investment in people. In the past 12 months, every team has grown, especially in critical areas like Client Services and Client Relationships. Our Technical team has recruited several highly skilled and talented people who are improving our Totara code base and Workflows. At the same time we are working on new developments such as the talent and succession planning and updating and testing Totara TXP ready for client upgrades later this year.

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We have established a new Development Services department. The team focuses on larger, and/or non-standard, implementations and developments such as the CPD Hub, developed in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals or the 360 and Leadership Feedback Tool built for a London Trust and government agency (see below for further information). Hopefully, as your education strategies change and grow our learning technology and our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

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We would all like to thank you for your inspiration, ideas, and innovation which guides us to improve our systems in many interesting and challenging ways! Most of all, thank you for your patience, support and business which we never take for granted.

Site Update.

The Think Learning Technical team are currently in the works of preparing the next update to your version 12 codebase (with a new set of useful features), which will be available to you in the coming weeks.

In total, the update will include 70 improvements, patches and bug fixes that will advance your site’s user experience and security. To name a few key things that we are improving this time around:


We added an ability to create custom notifications that can be triggered by all sorts of LMS events, and to modify the header/footer of notification e-mails. You will now be able to change the logo and colour of these messages. This will allow you to personalise your communication with the LMS users.

We have taken on board your feedback and suggestions to help improve our Workflow offering, and have made a bunch of fixes and enhancements to the UX - 30 altogether! We are proud of our Workflow tool, so we will work over the next few months to better explain Workflows, what problems they solve, how they fit within your LMS and importantly what they can’t do.

In collaboration with University Hospitals Sussex NHS Trust, we have developed a User Merge Tool that will allow you to identify users that might have duplicated accounts and then merge their Course, Program, Certification and other completions into one, the correct account. See a demo by Kiran below.

Client Spotlight.

Something that we are truly proud of are the relationships that we have formed with our clients over the years. Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust were our very first NHS client who have been a great partner and inspiration to us over the many years.

Tara and her team have done an amazing job with keeping the LMS engaging to their users with a view to keep evolving it. Now, LDZ is an integral part and a key destination for all Trust learners.

Throughout our longstanding relationship, Tara has practically become a member of Think Learning family and has helped us with new client references several times and even shown her site to other NHS Trusts thinking about Totara. For that we are beyond grateful to her!

We recently collaborated on a compelling Case Study that you can read about via the link below.

Totara Talent Experience Platform.

Back in May we wrote about Totara’s new Talent Experience Platform offering that we at Think Learning are very excited about. We have been working hard on enhancing its already powerful functionality and are hoping to be able to offer a TXP upgrade to all of you starting from late 2021.

Your creativity drives our product roadmap to solve real-world challenges you have and are at the very heart of everything that we do. Find out more about what new features will be added in TXP and read about the Totara Engage and Totara Perform flavours that are here to enrich your user experience with your LMS.


Think Learning 360 and Leadership Feedback Tool.

Think’s current 360 feedback tool is a bespoke premium plugin to Totara, that provides powerful structured 360 processes. In summary, organisations using this tool can assist you with:

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Create unlimited 360 feedback templates (with rating and free-text question types)

Assign templates to audiences of users

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Allow users to complete a self-rating

Allow users to invite raters, and categorise raters (manager, peer, external customer, etc)

Give raters a time period in which to respond

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Generate a standard PDF report of results analysis including radar graphs

Either release these reports immediately to users, or have them manually released to coincide with coaching conversations

Run reports (at a central admin level) of all rater processes, and well as raw data of responses for offline comparisons and analysis.

HPMA FutureFocus Workforce: Learning & Development Event.

Think Learning had the pleasure of co-hosting HPMA’s first session of their FutureFocus series. We were accompanied by the amazing Lori Niles-Hofmann, a senior learning strategist with over 20 years of L&D experience across many industries, including international banking, management consulting, and marketing.

Our Commercial Director Matt Mundey also presented on the day, talking about how an LMS can help you learn “in the flow of work”. See the HPMA’s website below for recordings of the event:


What's an astronaut's favorite part of a computer?.

The space bar.

Think Learning Network Events?

Coming soon...

Let us know what topics you would be most keen to learn about and discuss!