A 2-minute video insight into why we chose to become a Totara Partner.


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Listen to our CEO Shaun Wilde give a quick insight on why we chose to become a Totara Partner Feedback.


A key thing for Think Learning becoming a Totara Partner was the high configuration that Totara provides, not only with the client-side in site administration and all the various user levels but also on the server-side. You’ve got a great open innovation network where all the Open Source community get together to develop all the core features. Also, our developers can develop very bespoke features that suit our client base.

What kind of solutions have you delivered to your customers using Totara?

So what we like, and our customers like, because we’ve had that through client feedback and surveys, is the real personalisation that you can achieve with Totara through learning paths, through course theming, bespoke site theming, so every site looks a little bit different. The learning paths themselves in the way that you can target audiences. In particular, certifications where you can have refresher training and ultimately that leads to great reporting. So that’s the other part really. We can create very bespoke reports for our clients and right down at a personal level for example users know exactly when they are compliant. So they know when a course is due if they are in date, if they are out of date, and they get a nice Red, Amber Green Dashboard and report, it’s fantastic for that.

What has been the impact on your business from using Totara?

Well, Totara has really helped us to define our business in recent years we have focused on compliance led organisations, which are quite large, quite complex in nature. We are very responsive to their requirements and we work in a very collaborative way not only with individual clients but we share that knowledge across the network. For example, we have a lot of NHS clients, so where we have developed features we’ve shared that across the NHS network.