When you laugh you learn with Celia Delaney.


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On this L&D Podcast, Nick Day is joined by Celia Delaney – a keynote speaker and comedian who boasts a brilliant track record in HR Management, L&D and coaching. Right now, Celia is passionate and focused on offering a totally new approach to Learning & Development.This approach incorporates fun, comedy and encourages universal engagement. It is an online course called iPersuade.This is a unique, affordable and scalable virtual course developed entirely by Celia following many years of research, testing and practice. So what is Celia’s unique formula? Celia believes it is focusing on the principle that “When we Laugh we Learn!”

See Shaun Wilde, Think Learning CEO and Celia in person at Learning Technologies, 13th February, Theatre 7, 14:45 where they explore “Is the LMS really dying or do we need to improve how we engage our learners?”

There’s a lot of fake news about the fate of the LMS these days. But is the real problem that LMS users are not being engaged? The Think Learning News Team with CEO Shaun Wilde as the news anchor, and Celia Delaney (Comedian, and Speaker of the Year for the Professional Speaking Association) as a live reporter, will explore some of the latest learning technology solutions… in an engaging way, using comedy and speaker interaction to help make the point.