Totara Academy – an education resource from Totara.


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The Totara Academy is a resource provided by Totara offering interactive videos, exercises and assessments on a whole range of functionality included in Totara products. It is perfect for users with every level of experience. Content is accessed via their popular Totara Community hub here

How much does it cost? Anyone can join the Totara Community for free and access the Academy. Staff of Totara Partners and Subscribers enjoy full access to all Totara product learning resources. The Academy also offers access to the Skills Journey which does require a subscription.

Every month Totara releases new courses to their Totara Academy and a series of best practice webinars. In this short post we will cover some of the most recent courses and highlight the benefits for all Totara customers.

Building on Social Learning – Assignments and Workshop functionality

The quiz functionality is well suited for checking knowledge gaps where the course content is not embedded in an e-Learning SCORM course. It is perfect for checking learners have read and understood a face to face training session, read documents or PDFs and concentrated during that long webinar or video!

Sometimes you need to assess learners in more detail, through longer responses, for review by the trainer. Assignments are perfect for this. As social learning and sharing become more popular Totara’s Workshop activities allow learners to submit responses to questions for peer-review by other learners on the course.

If you are thinking about the benefits of the Academy, you can view the brochure here.

Course Creator program

A new Course Creator program was created in September 2019 and covers the fundamentals of creating courses and activities in Totara Learn. Comprising smaller feature-focussed courses, you can work through the program in any order at your own pace. This is an excellent way to get a new system administrator to learn the basics of creating courses.

Continuing the theme of social learning another course Totara released recently was “Social Tools”, this course explores how to:

  • Set up forums
  • Create chat rooms
  • Use social tools to build an engaged online learning community

Using your Totara Community account, you can access the Social Tools course here and the Course Creator program here

Remember, these courses are based on the Totara V12 and TXP LMS and will not reflect your local Think Learning code base or bespoke developments but provide an excellent, free, grounding in all aspects of Totara functionality.