Tailor-made LMS with endless opportunity

Create a user-centric LMS that can help you and your people get better resolutions like less paperwork, higher learning transfer and increased staff retention. Sounds good, right?

    powered by Totara, enhanced by Think.

    We use Totara's basecode meaning you can access their core tools. But we also supercharge our customers' LMS's with bespoke features to solve specific challenges they face day to day.

    Your very own bolt-on L&D team

    From dev to client services, our teams will support you every step of the journey to make sure you achieve your goals.

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    train-up on your LMS

    We're experts when it comes to an LMS. Our teams are on hand to help you upskill in using your platform, and if needed, to troubleshoot any issues you're having.

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    powered by Totara

    We're a platinum partner of Totara meaning we get access to its learn, perform and engage tools. These are great ways to get around core L&D obstacles and make your job a little easier.

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    create your own tools

    The Think dev team is on hand to help you get more from your LMS. Whether you're looking for a tool to mass-email your learners, or digitise your paperwork, chances are we'll have a plugin to support. And if we don't, we can build one.

    don't just take our word for it...

    your people, our solutions.

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