Create a Think LMS using Totara Learn

We take all of the good things about Totara and expand it, creating our own suite of tools and plugins that we can use to build a totally bespoke learning management system.

    powered by Totara, built by Think.

    Our team of L&D experts can help you build an LMS that hits all of your needs. Whether you're looking for compliance, engaging content, or other add-ons like process builders or nudge notifications, we can help.

    what is Totara Learn?.

    Learn is a tool to create your own learning experience to deliver direct learning and certification across your organisation. We use Totara Learn as the base element of our LMS

    totara learn LMS

    what does Think do differently?

    Not sure why you should choose Think? here are three key reasons why

    our LMS solutions

    our team

    We pride ourselves on our team. Our tech is great, but our people are even better. They're experts in learning and development meaning they're on hand to help you build to most useful, user-centric LMS.

    LMS product example

    our tech

    We have a team of tech wizards here at Think who are always working on upgrading Totara elements and creating our own new tools.

    compliance clients with Think Learning

    our customer service

    We put our customers first. We're commended for our support, we're collaborative and have a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way.

    Our add-ons.

    Available only from Think, here are some add-ons you might like

    implement 360 feedback

    open the conversation.

    Collect and share feedback more easily across teams and colleagues. Plus ask for event feedback!

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    what is learner engagement?

    CPD hub.

    Allow your employees to apply for external training in one easy place, and link applications back to your training budgets

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    how to improve L&D admin efficiency

    digitise your processes.

    Take the headache out of repetitive processes and admin with our process and flow builder. Automate busywork, so you can get to the important stuff.

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    don't just take our word for it...

    get started with your own Think LMS.

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