Prove learning impact and ROI.

Introducing ThinkInsight, our powerful Evaluation tool which enables LMS-wide course and trainer feedback collation and data-driven analysis.

Trigger automated surveys to provide insights into training ROI

ThinkInsight is an activity and seminar feedback tool that focuses on gathering and analysing feedback from learners and their managers post-learning modules or seminars. The goal is to provide a clear picture of learning experiences, facilitating data-driven decisions and better learning strategies.

Take a look at the features...

Build your surveys

Learners and managers receive their survey links in emails for easy access.​

Flexible question types and settings, enabling branching.​

Question scoring and tags support sophisticated reporting and analysis.​

Define the survey triggers

Use a range of LMS actions to trigger the surveys, for different purposes, and to elicit feedback across longer timeframes.

You can trigger feedback surveys at any points before and after LMS 'trigger' activities are completed, enabling strategic timing and ROI analysis.

Participants can see their previous answers redisplayed,​ allowing them to track and record growth​.

Reporting & analysis​

All feedback data is stored in one place, creating a centralized data pool that can be accessed and analysed with ease.​

Aggregate feedback of trainers across multiple courses, or learning delivery methods across your whole curriculum.​

Start collecting feedback​.

Assess the effectiveness and ROI of your learning, and enable your people to demonstrate growth and application of learning in practice.