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From ensuring compliance, to selling your digital learning modules on an ecommerce site, we can solve all of your digital learning needs.

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compliance in NHS LMS - healthcare LMS


We'll help to keep your business safe, secure and compliant. We've enhanced Totara Learn to create a tailored learning management system that is laser focused on providing you with critical audit trails without compromising on learner experience.

Our platforms are developed with real-time reporting dashboards on an individual, manager and senior stakeholder level.

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learning experiences

We use Totara Learn, alongside our own tweaks and add-ons to provide a unique learning experience that has your learners at its core.

No matter what your goals are, we can help you build a robust solution with the right tools to make your job easier.

compliance clients with Think Learning

performance management

Power your productivity and organisational growth with our talent and performance features. Set personalised goals and objectives, record 360 feedback, use our 9-box grid visualisation and manage your team's performance.

we pride our selves on having great tech .

Here are some of our favourite tools and add-ons to the core Totara offering

what is an LMS? what is a learning management system?

sell your content.

Add a shop window to your LMS. An entirely bespoke ecommerce solution to suit your needs. Responsive and beautiful, you'll walk away with a ecommerce site you want to show off.

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how to build mentoring programmes with Think Learning

match your people.

Create solid mentor and coaching relationships through our matching tool. Easily report on the impact of these relationships.

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implement 360 feedback

open the conversation.

Collect and share feedback across teams and colleagues with 360 feedback.

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create your unique learning experience.

Out-of-the-box learning solutions are unlikely to meet your unique needs. At Totara, we know how to tweak these solutions to make them work for you.

We have almost 20 years of experience helping organisations of all sizes tailor their learning tech stack to meet their bespoke needs, from maintenance and integrations, to hosting and so much more.

360 feedback tool with Think LMS

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