Match top talent to rising talent.

Connect your people through programmes like mentoring, coaching, onboarding and more with our powerful and highly-configurable tool, ThinkLink.

mentoring coaching and buddying tool

supporting peer-to-peer matching for...

Create meaningful relationships in your organisation

set up requests to coach using ThinkLink and ThinkFlow

Set up your mentor hub

You can create a user-friendly hub using ThinkLink to digitize your mentor matching process.

And it's not just mentoring, you can use ThinkLink for coaching, buddying and more.

view all peer-to-peer matches in ThinkLink

Let mentees find their match

Set a pre-defined list of skills that your mentees (or other) can add to their profile.

Then, when it comes to finding the right connection, users can search based on a set skill.

Add updates to your mentoring profile

Log and record impact

Once your connection is set up, users can access the log to add in any updates.

This helps them, and their managers, keep track of progress and evidence impact.

Great tech, even greater people.

At Think, we pride ourselves on creating the best Totara LMS. But what’s more is our people. They’re L&D experts who craft bespoke learning solutions for our customers based on their needs and requirements.

you're in good company

Start matching your people.

With ThinkLink you can take all the admin out of mentor management and put the power into the hands of your people.

take a look at the benefits...

mentoring and coaching

put mentoring centre stage

90% of workers who have a mentor report being happy in their job.

And this impact isn't unique to mentoring. Providing a resource within the company to support and develop your people can encourage longer retention and better productivity.

our LMS solutions

simplify the admin

When your L&D team is already time-strapped and coordinating mentorships and coaching involves a lot of admin hours, it can be a difficult feat.

With ThinkLink, you can simplify the end to end process.

totara learn LMS

easy to use

Our platform fits right into your LMS and works with other key tools and plug-ins, mean you can customise it to fit your flow of work.