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Better support your teams working in education, so that they can upskill, develop and ultimately get better job satisfaction.

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We are a premium partner of Totara and have the best version of its tools, plus our own, to make sure you have everything you need.

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Our simple, easy-to-use platform means even the least tech savvy can keep up to date

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over 10 years providing for the healthcare sector.

We know the compliance and CQC nuances and requirements you face, and we have the solution to ensure you can hit the ground running.



Allow your employees to apply for external training in one easy place, and link applications back to your training budgets

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how to create a good onboarding process and onboarding experience

automate processes.

Take the headache out of busywork by automating key processes

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collect feedback.

Collect and share feedback more easily across teams and colleagues

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