develop your people and centralise your data with our LMS

Powered by Totara, enhanced by Think, our LMS gives you all the tools you need to encourage self-directed learning. Exceed your L&D goals with an innovative and bespoke learning management system.

    Put people at the heart of your learning .

    We’re solution-led meaning whatever you need, we can build. Think of us as your very own in-house L&D team supporting you to get more out of your learning materials and people data.

    implement 360 feedback

    Open the conversation .

    Want to better collect and share feedback across teams and colleagues? Check out our feedback plugin that you can embed into your LMS to streamline your processes.

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    create high performing teams

    Drive better performance.

    Connect your LMS to performance management to develop high-performing teams through quality learning and processes.

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    how to improve L&D admin efficiency

    Kick out the paperwork.

    Looking to digitize your paperwork? With our workflow tool, you can create bespoke forms and processes to simplify how you collect and share key performance data.

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    Perks of the Think LMS

    empower your teams through talent management

    improve employee engagement

    Struggling with high turnover or low development? With an LMS in place, you can better manage your people and implement processes to make your people love where they work.

    our LMS solutions

    user-led solutions

    Struggling with compliance? Or maybe learning retention? Our team of specialists can help you finetune your LMS to provide solutions to real problems.

    remove L&D reporting admin paperwork

    remove the paperwork (and the headache)

    Managing a large headcount can be a headache. Especially when your processes are left in docs and sheets. Bring your data to life and let the LMS do the hard work for you.

    What is an LMS?.

    An LMS, or learning management system, is a key tool for any L&D professional looking to support their talent. From compliance to self-directed learning, Think can help your people grow and develop.

    don't just take our word for it...

    your people, our solutions.

    Ready to get started with your LMS? Book a demo with our team to see how we can support all your L&D goals.