sell your learning content online.

Create your very own shopfront and seamlessly integrate your learning content in your LMS to your Wordpress shop

budget tracker tool

make learning a profit-making machine.

When you're spending time and money on learning content, it can be tricky to prove you're getting a return. Selling your quality content can help you dispel the idea of L&D being a cost centre

get started with CourseMart

Use CourseMart to create your own storefront and seamlessly connect it to your Totara LMS

sell your learning content

make more of your great content

Set up your store so that visitors can browse your learning content. Each course can have its own landing page for more information to encourage a purchase.

training budget allowance

sell direct onsite

When a user is ready to buy, they can add courses to their basket. Where learning is face-to-face, this will automatically book a space in your LMS. Our standard service works with GOV.UK Pay, Stripe, Worldpay, GlobalPay and PayPal.

LMS ecommerce

manage your shop

We’ve thought of all customisations you might need. From discount codes, to refunds, it’s all possible through this extra service. You’ll also get access to a suite of reports so that you can see what your most popular course is and breakdown your sales.

why choose Think for eCommerce?.

ecommerce learning

best of both worlds.

Deep integration with LMS that gives you all the shopping/marketing benefits of WooCommerce, combined with the education/learning benefits of Totara.

sell your learning content

sell your learning content.

Sell any product from webinar to classroom learning with real-time updates between LMS seminar bookings and shopfront event spaces.

woocommerce learning solution

create a bespoke solution .

Built on WooCommerce, one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms, with a wide range of branding and content customisation so you can create a revenue-generating solution that meets your exact market needs

powered by Totara, enhanced by Think.

Tools like this one don’t come as part of the Totara package. But thanks to its flexible codebase and our team of experts, we can add on services like eCommerce to your product suite.

don't just take our word for it...

start selling your learning content.

Make more of your content and ease the admin headache by linking your store directly to your LMS.