create CPD course catalogues.

SkillFund is a complete training budget and forecasting tool, designed to dramatically improve quality of budget management, with reduced administration effort.

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streamline continuous professional development.

CPD training and the admin around it can be fully hosted by your LMS, allowing users to view courses, manage budgets and apply for training

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Our tool, SkillFund, was designed to help organisations simplify the process of continuous professional development. Here's how...

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provider catalogue

A provider catalogue (updatable by you, or your suppliers) for consistent, quality assured view of provision, accessible by your staff with powerful search/filter features..

training budget allowance

budget allocation

A budget allocation and tracking module to set budgets for divisional and departmental units and report on planned and actual spend

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application form

Create a CPD application form right in your hub with flexible approval routes. Plus, you can link this to ThinkFlow to automate key processes.

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centralise CPD.

Increase the quality and accessibility of CPD provision through standardised, centrally-managed catalogues

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increase ROI.

Increase your training ROI by linking spend directly to organisational needs

mentor programmes

equal opportunities.

Increase equality and fairness, with commissioning decisions based on accurate data about needs

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Tools like this one don’t come as part of the Totara package. But thanks to its flexible codebase and our team of experts, we can add on services like SkillFund to your product suite.

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simplify the training process .

Upskill your people in three easy steps. set up budget streams, allocate budgets to divisions and departments and allow users to apply for training