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About Circle Health Group

With more than 50 hospital sites and 2 million patient visits every year, Circle Health Group is the UK’s largest independent Hospital Group.

As the UK’s most patient-focused healthcare organisation, they put patients at the core of everything they do and empower our people to excel. They believe in their people, and that the best results will come from the best people caring together.

The Challenge

Circle Health are long-time users of Totara Learn. When they first created their platform, it had a heavy compliance focus. As their business evolved, they wanted to create a unified talent experience.

The goal was to place career growth alongside learning and find innovative ways to identify and maximise the amazing potential of their people, across every discipline and area of the business.

While their learning and talent team had the expertise to support the aspiration to be a learning organisation, their tools weren’t supporting that goal.

They needed a platform that allowed their tools to link to each other, to enable a holistic perspective and a technology infrastructure that worked for our people.

Working across multiple hospital and office sites meant that it was critical to provide solutions that were sufficiently standardised, whilst being flexible enough to meet the varying demands of each of their sites.




The Solution

Circle Health Group reached out to the Think Learning team, to see how our iteration of the Totara codebase, plus our other plugins, could help support their vision to create a complete talent solution.

As a long-standing, satisfied Totara customer, we already loved its holistic approach to learning, but we could also see how a person’s journey of learning could be effectively supported by the additional TXP tools within the system.

The Totara platform fulfilled those key criteria for us, providing a single, powerful solution to enable people to source and access tools for their development.

Working with Think, the Circle team incorporated the Perform and Talent suite of tools into their LMS.

This helped them deliver the 7 key elements of their employee talent journey:



The team were able to enhance our already established induction by providing bespoke onboarding routes through creatively themed programme pathways.


Mandatory training

The improved functionality and consultative support from Think Learning allowed the team to re-evaluate and streamline how they manage, track and report on their compliance-related training, which is key for their regulators.


Performance management

It was critical that there was a unified and improved process for performance management, for regulatory reporting, but equally important, to support and embed a culture of continuous development.

Circle has achieved this by providing regular check-in conversations between managers and staff, which also had to be able to hold and reflect the voice of the employee and their experience of the process.


Identification of potential talent

Highlighting talent was critical to feed into programmes to develop people for leadership and strategic roles in line with workforce planning.



The business had hundreds of pages of documentation, in differing formats, for work-based competencies.

The use of the Totara Perform competency tool was critical to bring this work together, in a single unified place which was reportable and fed into wider learning provision.


360 feedback

The team wanted to be able to support people with a tool that enabled feedback in line with Circle Health Group’s philosophy, principles and behaviours.

They incorporated our ThinkLoop tool to better conduct and share feedback across teams.


Elegant and intuitive user experience

Given the Circle team works across multiple sites and provides a wide array of services via a large number of staff, it was important to create an accessible and intuitive experience.

We supported the team achieve this with personalised direct mail to every member of staff offering access to bespoke landing pages, providing support and resources according to their current or aspirational role.

Silvie Adams, Circle Health Group case study



The Results

Using the Talent Experience Platform alongside their LMS has transformed key talent metrics.

Not only that, but employee feedback has improved too.

Performance appraisal compliance has increased from 5% completion, to an incredible 95%.

From a regulatory perspective, we have evidenced clearer and improved reporting to regulators.

Induction completion rates have increased from 40% to an overall completion of 90%. This is a direct result of the bespoke nature of the induction course and its new layout; these factors have driven up the engagement rate, and more than doubled the previous completion rate.

Compliance-related training results have been much more consistent than previously (along with higher completion rates).

This is an area where Think Learning specialise, and their consultative support around the use of their enhanced TXP platform has enabled our learners to complete courses with ease, and enabled us to drive a 10% increase in mandatory training completion.

Building on the performance appraisal success, Think Learning produced a bespoke, interactive report that enables managers and senior leaders to identify high-performers.

As a result, participation on leadership and management courses has tripled – with a direct correlation on enrolment evidenced from outcomes of performance management conversations.

Think Learning’s expertise and partnership approach, along with the Totara TXP platform features have enabled the team to build a holistic talent infrastructure, with a technology toolkit that really works for their people.

Jenny McKnight Circle Health Group case study

Learn more about Circle Health Group, or see how Think Learning could help you and your L&D challenges by booking a demo with our team.