26 Surprising Onboarding Statistics for 2024.

Written by Tim Newham

8 November 2023


20+ shocking onboarding statistics

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Getting your onboarding process right is hard work. These onboarding statistics should help you better prepare.

Onboarding is a growing priority for HR leaders.

And it’s no surprise.

But just what impact can onboarding really have? In this blog, you’ll find out as we share some key onboarding statistics across remote onboarding, retention and more.

We’ll go through:

  • General onboarding statistics
  • Retention statistics
  • Remote onboarding statistics
  • Plus, onboarding process statistics

Let’s get stuck in.

General onboarding statistics

Onboarding is a vital part of developing your new team talent. Some key statistics you might want to take note of before you start building out your onboarding process are:

  1. A good onboarding experience improves long-term job satisfaction by more than 2.6 times.

Onboarding process statistics

When it comes to creating an onboarding process, you need to consider what’s going to work best for your employees.

Are you going to take your entire process digital?

How many tasks are going to be a mandatory part of the process?

How long will your onboarding process last?

These are all important onboarding statistics to consider when looking at building your own process:

  1. 60% of onboarding takes place digitally
how much is spent on onboarding?

Remote onboarding statistics 

Now more than ever, remote onboarding is important.

It’s really easy to lack support when doing onboarding remotely. And so, you need to consider how your remote workers will receive your onboarding process.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most important remote onboarding statistics:

Employee retention statistics

We all know that onboarding can massively reduce employee turnover. But what is the exact impact on your employee satisfaction and their loyalty and enjoyment at your company?

Streamline your onboarding process

Creating an onboarding workflow and not sure how to automate parts of your process?

That’s where Think comes in.

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When it comes to onboarding, we help customers auto create accounts on their LMS, set up onboarding checklists and dashboards plus streamline induction processes.