High Compliance using Totara Learning Audiences.


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One of the aims of the NHS Streamlining agenda is to drive up not just the quality of Mandatory and Statutory training (MaST) but to deliver high compliance rates across regions, reducing organisational risk and improving Care Quality Commision (CQC) results. This can only be delivered by correctly understanding the training requirements of your workforce and targeting training where it is needed.

Many organisations use 3rd party compliance management systems with limited functionality or laborious data extracts and spreadsheets to manipulate basic data. These often create inconsistent / inaccurate reports and don’t help to empower learners to take control of their own learning and development. Legacy systems used in healthcare can also require small projects just to define and set up an organisations requirements, deliver limited flexibility and require on-going time and effort to maintain data accuracy as the workforce or organisation structures frequently change.

Many organisations are implementing Totara Learn as a solution to manage these challenges and it is not unusual for customers to achieve 90 – 95% CSTF compliance rates across their organisation.

Delivering High Compliance through Totara Audiences – 5 Key Facts

Totara Learn offers a dynamic and effortless way to streamline learner administration. It allows you to balance quick and efficient administration of learning with personalisation of an individual’s learning and development requirements.

Below are 5 key facts relating to audience management in Totara Learn:

  1. Totara Learn can be integrated with your HR system, which means that audiences can be defined using any HR field imported from your HR system – delivering accuracy to reports and clarity around training requirements to learners.
  2. Audiences can be made up of simple or complex combinations of organisations, job roles, salary bands, cost centres and more, then easily include any individuals or groups of learners in ways not possible in other learning systems. Where training requirements are correctly set, Totara Learn provides a mechanism to auto-enrol learners into both mandatory and optional learning – particularly beneficial where your induction is delivered via e-learning or combines e-learning and classroom courses.
  3. Using audiences, you can assign user groups specific learning plan templates or company goals and customise a learner’s development workflows and objectives based on their job assignment and area of the organisation.
  4. Custom dashboards and navigation can also be assigned to audiences to provide a personalised professional development environment for every learner.
  5. Audiences allow organisations to hide specific courses from certain groups of users or highlight certain courses to others. This means courses designed only for internal staff or external customers can be available by audience membership only, providing a custom learning catalogue for every user.

If you’d like to know more about how audience management can be used to streamline your learning administration and deliver high compliance please contact us and to find out more about NHS Streamlining programmes visit the NHS Employers hub here.