Is the effectiveness of your LMS affected by your IT infrastructure?.


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In February 2014 the Brandon Hall research report stated Learning Management Systems were under-performing in the eyes of organisations. Satisfaction with Learning Management platforms was low and 47.7% of respondents were looking for alternative solutions and providers.

Dissatisfaction with organisations’ existing LMS’s seems to prevail and many are now citing that their LMS is also compromising the effectiveness of their elearning implementation and self-service roll out to learners. Other key factors affecting satisfaction levels include:

  • Restrictions imposed by IT infrastructure.
  • Lack of multi device / mobile features.
  • Poor reporting ability.
  • Learner disengagement due to LMS interface and ease of use.

Some of these issues are legacy problems, whilst some are as a result of requirements changing and systems not being able to adapt to these evolving learning needs. With Open Source technology as you identify new requirements, there are more options available to expand system functionality in a supported way through contributions from the Open Source community. This gives organisations more direct influence over the future functionality of their system and is just one of the reasons we recommend organisations look at the Totara Learn if they are dissatisfied with their current LMS.

Another key driver for organisations looking to implement a new LMS has been the pressure to increase mandatory training compliance. e-Learning has been effectively used by many organisations to meet this challenge. Unfortunately we are hearing that within many healthcare organisations IT infrastructure and in particular conflicting java/software versions are restricting their use of e-learning.

Totara Learn is 100% web compliant – no work required from your IT team!

The Totara Learn has hardly any client side IT requirements allowing organisations to realise the benefits of e-learning and drive up compliance rates within a short time-frame.

To deliver a rich, interactive experience for your learners, your users just need a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with a relatively modern operating system and web browser. (We will ensure that Totara Learn remains compatible with IE8 for as long as organisations require it.)

And that is it!

No changes to your organisation’s firewall to allow connectivity, no Java requirements that may conflict with existing systems, no single browser. The system is future proofed and compatible with Windows 10, IE11 and Microsoft Edge. In addition Totara Learn can be used across multiple devices both on and off site, allowing you to satisfy the growing needs of your mobile workforce.


We are ISO27001 certified and act as Data Processors, working to your instructions as Data Controllers. We work in line with all of the requirements and principles of the Data Protection Act. All data is stored in the UK, we have high levels of physical security, 99.9% up-time assurance, two levels of system backup 24/7 monitoring and much more.

System Integration

Totara Learn can be integrated to your local network for automatic single sign-on, and integrated to your organisational HR or payroll system for reporting purposes.

Totara Learn can be implemented as a cost effective e-learning platform (VLE), a Virtual Learning Environment, and is designed to meet the elearning needs of corporate enterprises. It can support a wide range of options including mandatory training, core skills training, e-assessment and induction, together with an integrated report building capability.

Organisations implementing Totara Learn as a VLE can easily upgrade to operate it as a full LMS to include booking of face-to-face training, blended learning programmes, and beyond to manage key talent management processes such as appraisal, performance and potential assessment, Nurse Revalidation and competency management.

If you’d like to find out more about Totara Learn then please contact us.