Must-use reports in Totara TXP.


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Totara TXP (Talent Experience Platform) enables organisations to unlock the full potential of their people by combining Learn, Engage and Perform into one solution. So it might be surprising to read that one of our favourite things about Totara TXP is its reporting functionality. Reporting within TXP allows you to add abstracts to reports, save searches and default views and customise reports to best display your data. But with so many choices, you may not be using Totara TXP reports to their full potential. So, in this blog we’re going to share with you the must-use reports that will help you gain insightful data that paints a full picture of your employees’ learning, performance, and engagement activities, helping you make the right decisions about upskilling and support.


1. Compliance reports in Totara TXP

Most organisations have some level of compliance training they need their people to take. And for many organisations, such as those in the healthcare or legal sectors, achieving a specific compliance rate is business critical. So using Totara’s in-built and customisable reports is a fantastic win for many organisations. By tracking all your compliance information through Totara TXP, you will have a consistent track record to call upon whenever you need it.


2. Course activity and completion rates

Activity and completion rates often get a bad reputation in L&D because they do not prove that your people have learnt anything. All it tells you is that someone has taken a course, and if they’ve completed it. However, this information can be hugely impactful for determining your L&D to-do list.

For example, if you realise a particular topic gets a lot of people starting the course, but not completing it – this may indicate that your course needs some work (or maybe it’s not working correctly!) Or, if one topic gets no views, are you marketing it correctly? Activity and completion rates come in handy here, because although they do not determine learning success, they demonstrate receptiveness to learning – and give you clear signposts of where your learning needs a little TLC.


3. User Generated Content reports in Totara TXP

User Generated Content (UGC) is one of the most impactful ways of learning in the modern age, so all the best learning platforms facilitate it nowadays. But when your learners can create content on a multitude of different topics, how can you track the volume of UGC that’s being generated? With Totara’s UGC reports, of course! This is a great way to determine how engaged your learners are – and where there might be skills gaps within your organisation.


4. Likes, comments and shares report

Reporting on likes, comments and shares may seem a little unfamiliar to many traditional digital learning professionals. However, in modern learning platforms you have a wide range of resources available beyond eLearning courses that can indicate completion. For example, if your people are reading reports, watching videos, or downloading PDFs, they will be learning. So how can we track the popularity and usefulness of these resources? With likes, comments, and shares of course! This allows you to determine your most popular resources and topics and can help you scope further development of resources for your people.


Bonus: Create your own reports!

The best part about Totara is the true flexibility of the platform. This flexibility carries through to reporting, meaning you can create any report you can imagine from within the platform itself. So if you have a unique or niche report you want to create, it couldn’t be easier.


If you want to learn more about Totara TXP, and partnering with Think Learning, get in touch. We’d love to discuss your needs and see how we can help you do more with Totara.