Pre-Hire Learning using Totara Learn.


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The NHS Streamlining programme originally started due to the experience of a Doctor on rotation between Trusts. They were completing the same paperwork and the same Statutory and Mandatory training in each organisation, delaying their start on front-line services. Induction training took place in the classroom and before education was streamlined there was a chance you could spend up to 4 days on induction before starting work. Enabling pre-hire learning was, and still is, essential for many NHS Trusts to improve their onboarding experience.

Legacy systems used in the NHS do not allow pre-hire access to education for applicants and despite the ability to move data around the NHS it appears difficult for recruitment processes to request the training data at the right point and for L&D teams to adjust a new starters induction accordingly.

A solution to this is pre-hire learning delivered to learners before they start their new role with data fully integrated with their main education record in Totara once they have completed the hire process. Totara provides timely access to e-learning, e-assessments other learning activities and resources.

In addition our bespoke workflow tool will allow you to implement onboarding forms to allow learners to start on their first day of employment having completed only the learning they need whether they are leaving alternative employment or education institution to join the NHS for the first time or rotating between Trusts.

The solution we use depends on the Trust processes. Whatever the organisation does we can find a creative way to get an applicant pre-hire access to learning and then ensure the data is there when they start employment. Please contact us for more information.