Exploring the potential of blended learning and learning pathways in Totara Learn.


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Blended learning involves combining on the job experience, informal and formal/classroom training with the flexibility of technology enhanced learning methods, including flipped classrooms.

A key driver for adopting a blended approach to learning is often the need to reduce the cost of learning through the optimization of resources and the time spent on undertaking learning activities. However, adopting a blended approach to learning has other important benefits, such as improving the effectiveness of learning, increasing compliance, fostering a more positive attitude towards learning and development, and extending the potential reach of learning across an organisation.

We are finding that many organisations were restricted by the technical capability of their existing learning management system and are now implementing Totara Learn to unlock the full potential of technology and a flexible blended learning approach.

In the context of blended learning, we’d encourage you to consider the following to determine whether you are embracing the full potential of technology or are also constrained by the technical capability of your LMS:

    • Are you able to offer a sophisticated range of technology enabled learning activities, including social learning, all within the same course? For example, e-learning, news feeds, online discussion forums, chat rooms, wikis, online quizzes / assessments, surveys etc. Adopting this blended approach to learning, allows for training to be delivered in the most effective way and optimizes any time that is required in face to face training.
    • Are you able to offer learning activities across multiple devices?
    • Are you able to give your staff the ability to design their own learning pathways with multiple ways of achieving a common competence?
    • Are learners able to easily see what learning they need to complete, by when and what options they have for achieving competencies?
    • Are managers able to manage their teams learning pathways through graphical dashboards and customised reports that can be scheduled and emailed on a regular basis?
    • When multiple learning pathways exist, are you able to easily report on individuals that have achieved competencies?
    • Are you able to automatically target learning and pathways to particular audiences based on your organisations hierarchy or target learners using a wide range of HR data to build complex requirements?
    • Are you able to award badges and gamify content to motivate and engage learners?

Totara Learn is flexible and sophisticated enough to do all these things (and more) easily and features advanced options for effectively managing blended learning and coordinating training resources across your organisation.

If you would like to know more about how Totara Learn can help your organisation to provide a blended learning approach, please contact us for more information.