Key features of Performance Appraisal in Totara Learn.


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Totara Learn is feature rich – the existing list of features / core functionality exceeds most other enterprise wide performance and learning management systems we have looked at. We’ve summarised for you below the key functionality for managing employee performance:

  • Definable workflow – define your own workflows with Totara Learn’s easy-to-use, online Appraisal Builder. You can include multiple stages, with separate target dates.
  • Bespoke templates – assign different templates for annual reviews and induction/probation reviews. Select from a wide ranges of question types to design the appraisal ‘journey’.
  • Alerts and reminders – create bespoke messages at all appraisal stages.
  • Objective Frameworks and Goal Setting – connect high level goals at the organizational level with detailed objectives at the individual level using a flexible tiered approach.
    • Create multiple Value/Objective/Goal frameworks – with separate rating scales for each framework.
    • Target organisational objectives – by individual/role/department (or combinations).
    • Allow employees and managers to assign personal goals.
    • Pull any/all Goals into appraisal screens for review.
  • Skills and Competencies – It’s simple to build competency based learning and performance frameworks in Totara Learn.
    • Create multiple competency frameworks, with and without hierarchies.
    • Map competencies to positions, organisations, and courses.
    • Competencies automatically appear in learning plans to users assigned to those positions and organizations.
    • Link courses to competencies to automatically populate learning plans.
  • Integrated system – elements from employee’s performance records and learning plans can be easily pulled into the appraisal process for review.
  • File uploads – for reference/audit.
  • Manage Nurse Revalidation processes – click here to read more.
  • 360 Feedback – Totara Learn enables you to gather feedback from peers using a 360 degree feedback tool. Administrators can create a custom 360 report specifying the questions / categories you want to seek feedback on, and which who will be involved. You can then distribute this to a set group – they don’t have to be inside your organization – for example customers or suppliers can be included. The individual can also use the feedback request tool, enabling them to seek feedback from their peers. Managers and individuals can keep track of who has responded. This gives a more holistic review of performance (inside and outside of the organisation).
  • Powerful reporting – Organisations all have their own reporting requirements so one size or report suite does not fit all. Flexibility is key. Totara Learn has a powerful Report Builder to build custom reports from predefined report sources.
    • Personalise reports with customised search filters and column selections.
    • Assign pre-built or custom reports to any system role.
    • Filter reports by organization, position or user information.
    • Scheduled reports can be sent via email at specified times.
    • Export reports in a variety of common formats.


    For more information on how Totara Learn can support your Performance Appraisal process please contact us.