Why are organisations choosing Totara Learn for Performance Appraisal?.


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Today, more than ever, the achievement of your organisational objectives is dependent upon the knowledge, skills and experience of your workforce. Performance management is a core business practice. It revolves around the ability to give staff constructive feedback so that they can improve the quality of their work. Company goals and/or individual goals are defined and may be assigned to staff based on the position they hold, the organisation they work in or other factors. Staff are assessed on their progress toward these goals through feedback provided by their peers, managers and any nominated appraisers within the organisation.

Do you struggle to make appraisal happen in your organisation? Do you know which staff are competent? Do you know which staff are not competent and what there training needs are? You are not alone!

Performance management and learning are closely related. Often Totara Learn is just used to enhance learning processes, but it also works very well as a performance appraisal system.

Primarily, organisations that have chosen to implement Totara Learn for Performance Appraisal are looking for a flexible and ‘light- touch’ solution. However in addition organisations have also been looking to:

  • Increase staff involvement in the appraisal process and enable self-service appraisal across the organisation.
  • Reduce the time spent on systems completing and managing the performance appraisal process.
  • Allow for the use of multiple national and local competency frameworks.
  • Implement a web based solution that is accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices.
  • Implement an integrated system for appraisal, learning management and e-learning on a single platform.
  • Meet reporting needs for compliance audits.
  • Respond to financial budgetary constraints by looking for alternative means of delivering training and development by increasing the flexibility around e-learning to include mobile e-learning and widening access to both staff and patients.

If you would like more information on how Totara Learn can be used to manage your performance appraisal needs please contact us.