What is Nurse Revalidation [And How to Track It].

Written by Matt Mundey

28 August 2023


nurse revalidation in the NHS

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Nurse revalidation is a process that all NHS nurses go through every three years but tracking this process in your LMS can tricky.

Nurse revalidation isn’t a simple process.

It takes a lot of time and effort to compile CPD hours and properly log all the requirements.

As such, revalidation can become a difficult process.

In this blog, we’ll run through:

  • What is nurse revalidation
  • Why is nurse revalidation important
  • How to better manage and log nurse revalidation

Let’s get started.

What is nurse revalidation?

Nurse revalidation is the process that UK nurses have to go through to maintain registration with The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The revalidation process is required every three years and it consists of a number of professional standards to uphold to maintain registration in the UK.

Nurse revalidation centres around four key themes; prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safely and promote professionalism and trust.

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Why is nurse revalidation important?

Revalidation for nurses is an essential part of staying registered in the qualification.

But not only that. It promotes good patient care and equips staff with the knowledge they need to work safely and effectively.

There are lots of aspects of nurse revalidation

Revalidation, although about promoting good practise, is not a reflection of fitness to practise. Instead, it provides assurance to patients, the public and employers that you are confident and competent in your role.

More than that, revalidation aims to encourage a culture of reflection and growth both individually and among your peers.            

How to better log how nurses revalidate

When it comes to revalidation, it’s a long period of time to gather feedback, complete training and log reflections.

As such, nurses and midwives often struggle to maintain their portfolios, making the revalidation process more difficult. In order to support employees going through revalidation and to give organisations better oversight of the revalidation process, we created a revalidation portfolio that attaches to our Think Learning LMS.

Within the revalidation portfolio there are four main log types:

  • CPD (participatory and non-participatory)
  • Practice Hours
  • Feedback
  • Reflections

Users can view their target items/hours, their achieved items/hours, as well as be able to view and edit existing entries and add new entries.

They can also see a timeline (from their current revalidation date to their submission date, with a highlight on the current date).

In addition, they can confirm their insurance status and confirm a declaration and download submission templates, download their uploaded logs and supporting attachments and invite other users within Totara Learn to be their Reflective Discussion Partner or Confirmer.

If a user with a revalidation portfolio is also a manager, they will have a link within their portfolio to view their team members overall status on their portfolio, or the contents of that portfolio.

If a user has been invited to be a Reflective Discussion Partner or Confirmer, they will receive an email notification or can view a notification in the Task block, which they can accept or decline.  Once accepted, the user’s portfolio will show up in a block which they can click to view.

Support staff to revalidate with our portfolio

Enabling our revalidation portfolio means that nurses and midwives your practice can more easily log and prove their revalidation status.

It gives them one central point to add their feedback, CPD training and reflections. This eases the process for them, but also for their confirmer.