Helping NHS Trusts deliver on their ‘NHS People Promise’.


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The NHS workforce is demanding modern, user-friendly learning management and workforce technology to access personal & professional development. The right technology, and access to development resources, is known to have an impact on job satisfaction and retention.

The ‘Our NHS People Promise’ from NHS England includes these assurances:

  • Chances to learn and develop are plentiful, and staff are all supported to reach their potential.
  • That everyone has equal access to opportunities to learn
  • The NHS attracts, develops and retains talented people from all backgrounds.
  • Wellbeing for staff is key, people need to be supported and to get any help they need.
  • That staff are Recognised and Rewarded.

These are some of the key reasons why 42+ NHS organisations have chosen Totara Learn, through a partnership with Think Learning, to deliver on these promises and improve learning technology. Our modern healthcare LMS supports opportunities to develop personally, and professionally, using a range of national and local NHS resources. The modern interface, built to the latest accessibility standards, ensures equal and easy access wherever people are working in an office or on a mobile device, delivering care in the community.

Regular check-ins between managers and their teams are recorded in an intuitive Appraisal and Talent process, enabling managers to record staff career development plans, set objectives and record health and wellbeing outcomes so that their people have the recognition, progression, and support they need.


If you would like to find out why Totara is so popular in the healthcare sector, and why Think Learning has won awards for our compliance and implementation work in the NHS please get in touch with Jamie Harwood or Matt Mundey on LinkedIn or click on “Contact Us