Totara Learn offers a great solution to managing nurse revalidation.


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We have built online forms in Totara Learn, which replicate the NMC Revalidation templates (CPD Log, Practice-Related feedback, Reflective Accounts, Practice Hours), enabling you to launch an NMC-compliant e-Portfolio solution very quickly.

System customisations can be created quickly and easily where required to supplement the core functionality, and the fact that Totara Learn can accommodate different appraisal templates/approaches simultaneously means that Nursing staff can benefit from undertaking appraisal in a Trust-wide system with cross-organisational reach and relevance.

There are a number of ways for Nurses themselves to record and track their own CPD e-Portfolios as part of the evidence-gathering process. Totara Learn also includes a 360 degree feedback module as standard. We’ll work through your precise requirements for the formal recording of the Nurse Revalidation Reflective Discussion and Confirmation. There are a number of features and system elements in Totara Learn which can be used to track/record Nurse CPD and reflective evidence, all of which can be incorporated into a Revalidation Portal.

This screenshot shows an example of a Revalidation e-Portfolio:

In this example Nurses click the buttons at the bottom of the portal page to access and update the different elements of their e-Portfolio (with visibility for Managers and Confirmers).

We believe structured approaches to demonstrating capability and performance should be much more than a risk-managed tickbox exercise, but done well can really help nursing staff to develop themselves and their careers and really show the organisation how much value they add.

How does Totara Learn help with NMC Revalidation?

Embedding revalidation in the appraisal system, places greater emphasis on getting full appraisal coverage, in a streamlined, user-friendly and easy to track process.

Nurses need to get feedback from peers and patients – Totara Learn allows for simple 360 or 1:1 feedback, including from people outside of the organisation. No complicated and expensive 360 tools required!

The NMC explains that performance, personal development and statutory/mandatory training should be viewed holistically. Totara Learn allows you to manage all of these processes in one tool.

Revalidation will require a register of achieved competence and safe practice. Totara Learn’s e-certificate processes allow for easy transfer of competency records around the healthcare ecosystem (not just between NHS Trusts).

Here at Think Learning, we’ve been helping hundreds of organisations in the NHS measure talent, learning and performance for over 12 years. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you with nurse revalidation processes using Totara Learn.