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To make the right decisions quickly, you need timely and targeted information at your fingertips. We hear many organisations find it difficult to report efficiently and accurately across their organisation and to provide managers timely reports to enable them to better manage their staff and keep track of compliance requirements.

Flexibility is key

We appreciate that organisations all have their own reporting requirements so one report suite does not fit all. Reporting is a key feature of Totara Learn with a powerful, flexible, custom report builder. Totara Learn ensures you have a complete picture of usage, progress, and achievement across your organisation. Customised landing pages can be allocated to different types of user to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.

A new LMS implementation is also the chance to review reporting requirements from a fresh perspective and managers, supervisors or divisional directors can gain self-service reporting access for the first time.

Users within the system who have been granted access to any custom reports in an area of the main navigation menu. This provides streamlined access to all reports from a central location.

Totara Learn’s flexible Report Builder allows you to:

  • Build customised reports – including graphical reports for immediate engagement.
  • Personalise reports with customised search filters and column selections.
  • Assign reports (pre-built or custom) to any system role, audience or individual users.
  • Filter reports by organisation hierarchy, position or user group information.
  • Schedule reports and delivers them by email at specified times (e.g. Every Monday at 8am).
  • Export reports in a variety of common formats.

All reports produced in Totara Learn are based on real-time data which gives confidence to managers to use the data for key decision making. The data within your HR system can be used for analysis and targeting or you can build on these structures to define additional target groups.

Why manage compliance reporting with Think Learning?

Think want our customers to get the most from Totara from day one and great value for money. As part of our codebase, we provide all the built-in compliance reports and dashboards we have developed over the years for regulated industries tweaked for your organisation during implementation.

Multiple-level hierarchies (Organisation, Position) can be quickly uploaded to your site, and reports produced against the various levels. Hierarchies can be automatically updated (using Totara’s HR Import feature) to match your existing hierarchies.

We can provide database extracts directly from Totara to be used in a BI tool or Data Warehouse, so reporting does not impact on the LMS server. As well as standard Totara reporting options, we have created RAG-rated dashboard reports and features to track and display mandatory compliance training. As a Think client, these non-core features are included in your site

Compliance Dashboard & Report Examples

We have designed blocks and features which improve the ways that training (and development) requirements are displayed and tracked. These can be utilised in any Totara site page (Homepage, user dashboards, etc).

Here’s an example of a User Dashboard showing ‘My Compliance’ alongside quick access links into required learning, and other elements of an individual’s learning and development record (client-definable).

My Team Compliance: Managers can also have their own ‘Team Dashboard’, including aggregated % compliance for their whole team, along with a team list showing relevant training/development statistics and information, as in this screenshot

Reports: we have built a suite of compliance reports, enabling you to show aggregated, graphical data to your line managers and high-level organisational stakeholders. Managers see certification compliance for their team, against a defined range of targeted topics

The RAG report can be exported in excel and pdf, maintaining colour formatting.

Organisational Interactive Compliance Report: This report enables users to drill down into the Org department structure (to individual team members), showing compliance numbers as clickable live links.

For more information on how we can help your compliance reporting please get in touch.