Introducing the Totara Learn Report Builder.


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Reporting is a key feature of Totara Learn with a powerful, flexible report builder. Totara Learn ensures you have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across your business.

Totara Learn’s flexible Report Builder allows you to:

  • Build customised reports – including graphical reports for immediate engagement.
  • Personalise reports with customised search filters and column selections.
  • Assign reports (pre-built or custom) to any system role, audience or individual users.
  • Filter reports by organisation hierarchy, position or user group information.
  • Schedule reports and deliver them by email at specified times (e.g. Every Monday at 8am).
  • Export reports in a variety of common formats.


Creating Custom Reports

Totara Learn contains user roles that are granted permissions to create and or view custom reports. Building a report allows site administrators to select:

  • The columns of data that will be available.
  • The filters a user can use to search with.
  • Content controls that restrict the records that are available when a report is viewed.
  • The user role(s) that will be given permission to access the report.
  • Performance settings such as restricting reports to run with search criteria entered and caching versions of the report.


Running Custom Reports

Users granted access to reports will be able to select a report, add search criteria to filter for certain records, and export data into a variety of file formats. Reports that need to be run regularly can be scheduled to so that they are automatically run and sent by email as file attachments to users.

Based on the content controls that have been setup, the report may be pre-filtered to only display records for staff at or below a user’s position, within or under a user’s organisation, or other details depending on the report source that was chosen.


Developing Custom Report Sources

A report source defines the primary type of data that will be used in a report, including data like user profile information, course completion, competencies, face-to-face session details, and attendance. If your organisation requires additional report sources or complex reporting, then our in-house Totara developers can create these reports for you and assign them to specific users/audiences.

As part of our Totara Learn implementation process we work with you to set up, run and manage the report builder and customise dashboards. If you would like more information on Totara Learn’s powerful reporting capability, please contact us.