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We live in an increasingly regulated world where compliance is a statutory and regulatory requirement within most organizational sectors. Forcing your workforce to tick boxes simply isn’t enough. It’s important to engage staff with learning by providing them with engaging systems and development activities to both achieve compliance and demonstrate competence. Thankfully, technology has rapidly evolved to support this and heighten learner engagement.

5 Key Ingredients

The Totara Learn LMS (Learning Management System) provides multiple ways to boost learner engagement and help drive up compliance, including:


It is essential that Learning and Development teams provide staff with clear, consistent, timely and engaging information.

Providing staff with direct access to well-designed systems helps to communicate what learning and development activities they must complete and by when to achieve compliance. Totara Learn provides a way to highlight the different learning paths available to meet organizational, personal and career development goals.

Good Data

Many LMS’s feature powerful reporting tools, however the data extracted is only as good as the data put in. Integrating your LMS with existing systems can help to improve data accuracy, streamline processes and support learner engagement.

In addition, we have developed Totara Learn with some creative solutions to empower staff to help solve common data issues, along with providing visual information in the form of dashboards to help engage staff and allow them to create actionable goals.

Dynamic Targeting

Targeting training to the right people depending on their role and personalized needs not only streamlines processes and maximize the use of training budgets but also engages learners who only have to complete training relevant to them. Totara Learn makes this an efficient process.

As staff move roles within an organization, it is important that their training requirements are then updated automatically to keep data accurate and learners engaged.

Engaging Content

Forcing staff to complete tick box e-learning courses is no longer an accepted way to distribute compliance training and achieve the required competence.

Staff are most engaged when they are active participants in their own learning. Emphasizing the real-world impacts using scenario/ story based techniques, helps staff to realise the purpose of the training. Technology can also help to create engaging content using gamification, micro-learning and personalization techniques. Totara Learn provides the engaging platform to play this content.

Career Development

By giving staff easy access to career development opportunities after they have completed their mandatory training requirements, via the Totara Learn LMS, has been shown to engage staff and motivate them to achieve their career development goals in line with business objectives.

When staff feel that the organization is concerned with their career advancement and their personal development, ambition levels increase which also contributes to increasing staff retention rates.

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For more information on how Totara Learn can help you to boost learner engagement and help drive up compliance contact us.