Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust – Benefits Realisation.


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We would like to thank Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust for sharing the video they have created which sums up the major organisational impact of their Totara Learn implementation, including the ways that it helps Trusts meet CQC requirements.

  • We were using OLM plus WIRED – but not all topics were reported upon.
  • Our compliance data was ‘all at sea’ – CSTF average compliance c.85%
  • The Trust had a huge mountain to climb.
  • Staff didn’t know where to look for all of their requirements or completion data.

After carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation, we put our ‘thinking caps on and we invested in a Totara system which rapidly improved access.

  • We drafted policies to give ‘Essential Training’ the importance it required.
  • We made staff responsible for their own compliance – not relying on others.

What we achieved: –

  • Many more staff access BEST than did OLM, including from off site.
  • BEST offers a flexible, easy to use platform.
  • BEST means that SMEs take less time to manage classroom attendance.
  • It is also much easier to upload and manage a wider range of eLearning content.
  • We probably have one of the highest levels of compliance across the NHS.
  • We also save significant sums each year in staff and e-learning support time.
  • We have an easy to use appraisal module, built within BEST.

Other features: –

  • BEST gives great flexibility to build custom modules such as study leave.
  • We use Active Directory, which makes log-in easy to remember (for users).
  • We have built a process for on boarding New Staff with BEST including access pre-start.
  • Active Directory also means IT team support access to BEST – at no extra cost!
  • ‘Choose Manager’ function allows the user to select their new line manager.

Pitfalls: –

  • A really good IT system, including up to date Internet Explorer is essential.
  • ‘Oddities’ such as certification deletion = classroom booking deletion.

Conclusions about BEST, Totara etc :-

  • Staff love it!
  • Uptake massively improved – across all staff groups.
  • Well worth the investment, we have saved $$$ in CCG penalties!
  • Think Learning are pretty good as well…..they loved last-minute requests!!!! ????